The absolute easiest, cheapest dragon egg prop tutorial ever

by Orpheus on February 4, 2015

daenerys targaryen mother of dragonsDaenerys Targaryen was undoubtedly one of the most cosplayed characters this past year and I anticipate will continue to be a popular cosplay for years to come. She’s beautiful and wears beautiful clothes and is one of the best characters on Game of Thrones and also DRAGONS. But when there’s that many people cosplaying your favorite character, there’s a certain struggle to avoid disappearing in a sea of Daeneryses. A prop, like a dragon on your shoulder or dragon egg is a great way to add just a touch of flair to your costume so you can stand out a bit. Professionally made Replica Dragon Eggs can go for over 100 dollars online, but did you know you can make your own for under $10?

Zack of Zack’s Props shared on facebook this ridiculously easy and super cheap tutorial.

Ridiculously easy and cheap tutorial to create a dragon egg like Daenerys Targaryen

Literally all you do is take a styrofoam egg and stick gold thumbtacks into it. That’s all!

Styrofoam eggs are super versatile for cosplay crafts! I used them to create the odangoes on my Black Lady (Sailormoon R) costume. They can be purchased at craft stores like Michael’s an Joann Fabrics, or you can purchase styrofoam eggs online here – just make sure you double check size ordering online!

You can get gold thumbtacks at office supply stores like Staples and OfficeMax, or order them online. Zack used 725 thumbtacks to create the above egg, so be sure to buy enough!

Easy tutorial to create a dragon egg like Daenerys Targaryen's from Game of Thrones

Is the look of thumbtacks not accurate enough for you? Zack also created the above dragon egg with pointed scales by hot gluing dragon scales purchased from The Ring Lord onto a styrofoam egg. Slightly more expensive to create, but still VERY easy! Zack used around 450 scales to create the above egg.

If you think this is as awesome as I do be sure to LIKE Zack Props on Facebook and check out his Etsy store!

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