How to Sew Combs into a Wig for Cosplay (Tutorial)

by Orpheus on March 13, 2012

How to Sew Combs into a Wig for CosplayThere’s nothing more frustrating than being at a convention (or just, anywhere really) and having to constantly adjust your wig because it won’t stay in place. This might not be a problem for you if you have short hair, but if you have long hair like me, you’ll have trouble with your wig shifting backwards on your head. Although a wig cap IS helpful (and REQUIRED) it probably won’t be enough to keep your wig from moving around.

I struggled with this for years for no reason at all!!! I had always heard of sewing combs into wigs, and had tried it before, but I never knew what kind of combs to use and the ones I tried didn’t really work.

When I ordered my Princess Bubblegum wig, it actually had combs already sewn into it, and lo and behold, they were the types of combs I had seen in wig shops seriously a zillion times but never really thought about what they were for.

Even if the wig you get does not already have combs in it, they are super easy to sew in yourself and will make your wig wearing experience a zillion times better!!!

Wig Combs

These are what they look like. You can get them in different sizes and colours, but that’s how they look generally. You can get them here and here on Amazon or at places like Sally Beauty Supply in the US. Note the little holes drilled into the combs. This is where you can stitch them to your wig! Sometimes the holes are drilled across the top of the comb instead of the side, those work too.

For most wigs, whether short or long, you’ll only need 2 combs for the front. If you have a lot of extensions added to your wig, or additional pony tails (like a Sailormoon wig or similar) you might need to add more to the sides as well.

How to Sew Combs Into a Wig for Cosplay

Turn your wig inside out. At the front of the wig there should be a lace or mesh area along the forehead, worn on the top of your head, as shown in the photo above. Usually there’s a seam going down the middle as well.

To sew the combs in, you’ll need a spool of thread (preferably the same colour as your wig, but it doesn’t matter that much) and a needle. A curved upholstery needle works best here, but if you don’t have one, a straight needle can work too. They do make wig combs that are blonde and black – feel free to use one that matches the colour of your wig if you prefer. I purposely used brown combs on a blonde wig to make it easier to see in these pictures.

How to Sew Combs Into a Wig for Cosplay

Position one comb on one side of the netting as pictured, about 1/4″ away from the front of the wig. Take your hand sewing needle and insert it into the netting, then bring the needle into one of the holes on the wig comb as shown below. Important: Make sure the teeth of the little comb are facing towards you, not digging into the mesh. The combs are going to go into your hair, remember.

How to Sew Combs into a Wig for Cosplay

Stitch the combs to the wig as shown via the holes on each side of the comb, stitching through the wig mesh. It isn’t necessary to stitch through the skin top.

How to Sew Combs into a Wig for Cosplay

Stitch the other comb on the opposite side of the mesh in the same way, as shown below.

How to Sew Combs into a Wig for Cosplay

How to Sew Combs into a Wig for Cosplay

Yay! You’re done!!

Now, if you want to stitch combs into the sides of the wig due to ponytails, I actually think that’s a little easier than sewing to the skin top, because you can sew all the way through the mesh of the wig.

How to Sew Combs into a Wig for Cosplay

Pretty much all wigs have these little flappy sections of mesh on the sides (above). I recommend sewing the combs close to the front of the wig as possible, but you might find it better to position them elsewhere along the edge depending on your hairline.

If you have a super heavy wig or a wig that’s heavy at the front, or if you just have trouble getting your wig to stay down at the back, you can also stitch them to the mesh in the back of the wig as seen below. Important: like at the front of the wig, you want the combs to be pointing towards the top of your head. Check the picture for clarification:

How to Sew Combs into a Wig for Cosplay

I wish I had discovered this technique earlier! From now on all my wigs are getting this make over.

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