How to Make Pandora Hearts Alice the B-Rabbits Giant Scythe

by Orpheus on August 10, 2011

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How to Make Pandora Hearts Alice the B-Rabbit’s Giant Scythe?

Believe it or not, it’s an interest thing to make your own cosplay prop, especially when it can be made according to a simple and clear tutorial. Below, tips on making Pandora Hearts Alice the B-Rabbit’s giant scythe are shared with you.

Tools: art knife, all-purpose adhesive, saw blades (for cutting the PVC pipe) and adhesive tape.
Material: PVC pipes of 25MM, EVA boards of 5MM and foam boards, spray paint like propylene.

Step 1: Draw the outline of the scythe on paper and then cut it off. Draw the blade along the inner side of the paper.

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Step 2: Put the paper on EVA and use the pencil to draw its outline. Then, cut it from the EVA board by an art knife. While using the knife, make sure it’s a little slant. In this case, to stick them without any crack is much easier. Since you need to make sure the cut board is symmetrical on both sides, you can draw the outline also on the back side of the board.

Step 3: After making two pieces, cut the inner side on the board. Put the board onto these two cut pieces to draw the outline. Then, cut them off.

Step 4: Protruding parts on the middle main body are slant. Then, cut them straightly to form right-angle sides.

Step 5: Paste these blade parts onto the scythe once again. Since some angles have been cut, edges will appear after being re-pasted. They are exactly blades.

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Step 6: Use PVC pipes and foam boards to support the framework. There are lots of ways to make a framework. You can also directly use PVC pipe joints to make the frame. Daub some all-purpose adhesive at the junction between pipes and foam boards. Actually, you can also neglect this. Then, use paper adhesive tape or kraft adhesive tape to fix the pipes and foam boards.

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Step 7: Bond two pieces. The scythe has been finished!

Author bio: Kevin works for, a shop supplying cosplay items online, like Pandora Hearts Cosplay Costumes. He likes to share funny stuff about cosplay and anime on his blog.

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