Make a thingie to hold thingies (Hair Clip Storage Tutorial) – No sewing skills needed!

by Orpheus on June 23, 2012

So here’s a cool craft that could be cosplay related if you wanted it to be. I wear a lot of hair accessories because my hair is curly and I need to keep it in place. I also make a lot of hair clips for cosplay. Namely the alligator clip kind, but every other kind of hair barrette, fascinator, comb, whatever you wanna call them, I wear those too. Until now, I had them all stuck to a jewellery mannequin that my ex-roommate gave me, but I was getting kind of sick of not being able to put actual jewellery on it due to all the hair clips all over it (and all over the rest of my dresser). I put all my headbands on wig heads, I needed some kind of storage for my other hair accessories.

At Dragon*Con, there’s this one seller that’s always in the basement dealers room that sells hair flowers. I own two of them (it used to be three but I lost one… ugh!). I wish I knew her name, but, alas… Maybe this year I’ll be able to get the name of her company written down. Anyways, at the con she always has all her hair flowers clipped to a board with ribbons criss crossing in a chainlink pattern over it. That way, you can easily remove and replace the clips so it acts both as a perfect display board and a place to store them. Inspirational hair flower lady, if you’re reading this, here’s a shout out to you!

I’ve always thought that was a great idea, and for years I’ve wanted to make a mini one of those to put my hair clips on. Well I finally did it! Yeah!

So here’s how it was done.

To make this, you need:

– A small artist’s canvas or other board …feel free to experiment with other boards too! I used a canvas because I had one lying around.
– Enough fabric to cover the canvas. Use something stiff preferably, but something stretchy like spandex or t-shirt cotton would work if you’re up for the challenge. Avoid drape-y stuff like silk or chiffon, and don’t use stuff with a slight stretch like twill. You could also use wrapping paper, or paint a backdrop directly on the canvas.
– Ribbon, braided trim, or fabric covered elastic (I actually used threads of embroidery floss banded together because I had a bunch of it already. I don’t recommend doing this. It was kind of a bad idea). Use something strong, but relatively flat.
– A needle and thread
– Hot glue gun or staple gun (these are optional if you’re using a canvas)

1. Ok first, cut out a square of fabric big enough to cover your board/canvas. Iron it if necessary. It should be about 2 inches bigger on each side than your canvas, so you have room to stretch it over the from of the canvas and secure it to the back.

Click to enlarge

2. Pull the fabric taut around the front of the board and secure it on the back of two parallel sides of the board. I did this by stitching the fabric to the canvas – a hot glue or staple gun would be easier to do this with if you have them. I don’t.

Click to enlarge

3. Make sure the fabric is still flat across the front and secure the two remaining parallel sides. Leave the corners loose when you do this, because that’s the next step:

4. Fold the corners of the fabric in, kind of like you’re wrapping a present. You fold the fabric in on itself and pull it tightly towards the back of the canvas. Secure it to the back with some stitches or hot glue or staples.

5. One ribbon at a time, put on the ribbon by securing one end to the back of the board and stretching it across diagonally, then securing the other end to the back of the board on the other side. Arrange the remaining ribbons an equal distance from each other, diagonally. You can also, of course, come up with your own pattern if you don’t like diagonal lines. If doesn’t have to be perfect, since it’s going to be covered up by the hair clips anyways, just do your best.

6. You can also secure the ribbons to the canvas in the places where they intersect if you want… I chose not to do this, but it’s an option!

7. Hang up in your room and clip stuff to the ribbons!

It was fun, it was easy, it looks pretty, and now I have some place to put my hair accessories (and other stuff) to!

Love and light–


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