VentureCosplay0002: A Printable Sewing Pattern and Tutorial for Lolita Style Bows in Four Views

A Printable PDF Sewing Pattern for Lolita Style Hair Accessories and BowsAs a seamstress who makes lolita clothing, hair accessories, and costumes, I used to draft patterns for bows over and over again whenever I wanted to make anything with a bow on it… with varied results. Way too often, especially if I was in a rush, I would accidentally make the bow too small or too big, too square, or the measurements wouldn’t be exactly even, and I’d end up with a bow I was unhappy with… Forcing me to start all over again. What a waste of fabric, interfacing, and trim! :( Sound familiar?

Eventually, after yet another frilly failure, I thought to myself: “This is stupid… I should just draft a reusable pattern for a few different sized bows that I can use over and over again”. So I got to work – and after drawing sketch after sketch, and making countless prototypes, I came up with four hair bow designs inspired by brands like Angelic Pretty, BTSSB, and Metamorphose. Years after I created that first view of the pattern (View A, if you were wondering!), I’ve decided to make my pattern available to you.

VentureCosplay0002 is a printable PDF sewing pattern that takes all the guesswork and measuring out of making lolita hair accessories. And best of all, you can print out in the comfort of your own home. It contains the pattern pieces, plus detailed instructions for creating all four different styles of EGL hair bows pictured:

  • View A is the popular “head eating” bow, approx. 9 inches (22.86 cm) across
  • View B is a slightly smaller classic lolita bow, approx. 8.5 inches (21.59 cm) across
  • View C is a single layer bow, measuring approx. 6.5 (16.51 cm) across
  • and View D is for MINI bows! Measuring approx. 4.5 (11.43 cm) across


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How to put the pattern togetherPrint the pattern out as many times as you want or need, on any printer, with regular sized paper. Conventional patterns have their advantages, but they’re made of paper that wears out and rips easily, not to mention that loss of pieces can render a pattern virtually unusable. Have you ever bought the same pattern twice because you lost a piece of the first one? Or because you ripped and taped the pieces back together so many times you couldn’t use it anymore? I’m so guilty of this! Venture Cosplay’s PDF Sewing patterns can be printed out as many times as you need.
Putting together the pattern is super easy, and detailed instructions are included with the pattern, along with printing directions, and a test page that will enable you to make sure you print everything out at exactly the right size. There are even instructions in the video version for putting together the pattern. Furthermore, the steps in the pattern are shown in photos rather than illustrations!

Oh, yeah… There’s also a Video Version!

Lolita Hairbow Sewing Pattern Tutorial Video Preview
When you purchase the pattern you also get access to a video version of the tutorial so you can see in even more detail how the views are constructed, and how the pattern pieces are taped together.

Use it for making hair accessories, or on costumes and clothing. While there are full directions for making hair accessories, you can easily use the pattern to create bows for the front of your lolita dresses or on your cosplay costumes (need a bow for the front of your school uniform?). The bows don’t require much fabric at all – you can easily make any of the views out of scrap fabric you have left over from a past project. No lace? No problem – any of the views can be made without lace and still look fabulous.

When you purchase the pattern you immediately receive:

  • Printable PDF pattern that you print at home on your own printer
  • High Resolution PDF directions (no need to print, but you can if you really want to!)
  • Access to a video version of the tutorial

Don’t hesitate, just get it!

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Or, check out some more pictures below!

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