0001 – Ultimate Bunny Hat / Hood .pdf Cosplay Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

Bunny Bonnet TutorialThis is a printable .pdf sewing pattern that will give you the directions you need to make a bunny hood like Fionna’s hat from Adventure Time, or the rabbit hat accessory from Animal Crossing. This is the exact same pattern I used in my own Fionna costume, seen at Dragon*Con! You can also use it to make a lolita style bunny bonnet or just make up your own character! It can be printed out with a regular printer on regular size paper, you just tape or glue the pages together to assemble the pattern pieces. Detailed assembly instructions are included with the pattern.

This pattern allows you to make FIVE different versions of the hood, so you can pick and choose which one you want to make:
• View A – Long, Thin Ears
• View B – Short Ears with Pink Contrast
• View C – Long Wide Ears
• View D – Long Wide Ears with Pink Contrast
• View E – Short Ears

Check out more pictures below!!!


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When you buy this pattern you will receive the following things:
• Professional Quality Bunny Hat Sewing Pattern to be Printed out at home on regular size paper in YOUR printer! (or a friend’s printer)
• Illustrated directions for printing and putting together the paper pattern
• Ten pages of fully illustrated sewing directions for making the hat, not found in the web version of the directions!
• Envelope illustrations complete with garment flats OOOOHHHHH

The pattern is delivered directly to your email inbox so you don’t need to wait for or pay for shipping.
This tutorial is for people with an intermediate level or higher sewing ability.
Because of the electronic nature of the pattern this item is not refundable


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Assembling the Pattern Is Easy!

1. Match up the letters in the pattern with each other. In this pattern, there are 5 places to match up (letters A, B, C, D, and E!)

2. Once you’ve matched up all the letters, take one of the “A” pieces and fold along the edge with the “A” on it. You can also simply take some paper scissors and cut the edge off if you prefer.

Once you’ve done that, the paper will look like this.

3. Now that you’ve folded down (or cut off) the side of one of the pages it’ll be a lot easier to match up the two pages. So match up the letters inside the triangles and the edges of the pattern pieces.

4. Then, simply tape the pages together (or you can glue them together if you prefer). Make sure you apply glue or tape all the way across the page edge.

5. Repeat steps 1-3 for the other letters in the pattern – B, C, D, and E.

This is what all the pages and pattern pieces will look like once you’ve taped them together!

6. Then you simply cut out the pattern pieces like you would in a normal commercial pattern!

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Making the hat is easier than you think!

NEW! Still having trouble with sewing? Check out the video version of the tutorial that breaks down the steps for you! Including the tricky parts, like sewing the ears in and making the wire headband!

Why are cosplay .pdf sewing patterns better than commercial ones?

• The .pdf file is yours to keep on your hard drive forever! If the pattern rips or gets lost, just print a new one!
• No need to alter the pattern or draft anything yourself – just simple templates and instructions to making a bunny hat like Fionna’s!
Everyone is in a rush before the con – save yourself the time of figuring out a pattern on your own!
• You can feel free to sell any hats that you make using this pattern! Commercial patterns prohibit the sale of garments made from their patterns!

Get the pattern seen in the video instantly!


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