Hild from Aa! Megami-sama


Geez, I can’t believe I’ve made four costumes from this show. Anyways, my friends and I were organising a big giant Goddess group at Anime Expo 2006, and Urd was already taken. My friend Lisa was going to be making Evil Belldandy, and we needed a Hild, so I decided to make that. I love Hild’s design anyways, so I was happy to make it.
Construction. This costume was a pain… The dress was made from a pattern I drafted myself, is made out of hand dyed silk, and is hand beaded. The jewelry (collar, cuffs, and ankle things) were made out of craft foam covered in wonderflex, and were really uncomfortable to wear. The crown was made with wonderflex covered in fabric, and has wefted hair extensions hot glued to the inside of it to created that “fan” effect. The round bauble things in my wig are styrofoam balls covered in paperclay, spray painted. I used a separate set of hair extensions to make the parts on the side of my wig.

Photos by Consplayers