Fionna from Adventure Time

Fionna from Adventure TimeI love Adventure Time and I’m a huge fan of Natasha Allegri’s art. The Fionna and Cake episode was amazing, I wish Fionna could have her own show! My BFF Lisa and I are big Adventure Time nerds so we both dressed up as Fionna at Dragon*Con.

Construction notes: The “skirt” is actually a dress from American Apparel, specifically the Cotton Spandex Two Tone Fitted Mini Dress in Aqua/Teal. I already had this in my wardrobe.

I ordered a long sleeve, scoop neck t-shirt online, which looked PERFECT on the website. But when it came in the mail, it was the wrong colour. :( So instead I made my own long sleeved shirt by cutting up two short sleeved shirts and sewing them together (I cut off the short sleeves on one shirt and turned the body of other shirt into long sleeves and then attached them to the first shirt). I drafted my own pattern for the Cake plush, backpack, and hat. Everyone asked me how I made these, so I’ll be sure to post tutorials when I get the chance! Update!!! You can now get the pattern for Fionna’s hat in the store!!!

I couldn’t find thigh high socks with two stripes on them so I bought white ones and painted the lines on. I know American Apparel makes socks with three stripes but they are like $20 and I didn’t feel like paying that much for socks. The ones I bought were only $5. The shoes were ones I’ve had since high school.