Where to get cosplay contact lenses

by Orpheus on March 4, 2011

So you have an amazing costume, and you want to add finishing touches to it? While they certainly aren’t a requirement for good cosplay, special contact lenses can add an extra something to your costume.

Things to know about cosplay contact lenses

Theatrical lenses like the ones mentioned in this post are thicker than regular lenses, so can last you many years as long as you take care of them and don’t wear them for too long at a time. Generally you want to wear them for no more than 8 hours, or until they start to feel itchy/irritated. The contact lens fluid you buy is also as important as the contacts themselves – don’t wash your contacts in water! I happen to use Opti-Free, though you may need to experiment with a few different brands to find what works for you. Did your theatrical lenses dry out because the lens solution leaked out of the case? Don’t worry – just re-fill the case with fresh solution and your lenses will re-hydrate after soaking in solution for a little bit.

1. Do you have perfect vision? You won’t have to look very hard.

If you have 20/20 vision, you are very lucky! Plano contact lenses (i.e. non-prescription) can be found pretty much anywhere and are really cheap. You can even buy them in the dealer’s room at conventions most of the time. EyesBright is an example of a UK vendor that sells only plano lenses, but no matter what country you live in, a quick look on google will yield many results of places to buy these kinds of lenses. If, like me, you need corrective lenses, don’t worry! There are plenty of places that carry them too.

2. CosplayLab

CosplayLab is where I got my red contacts for my Ninon costume. They are the vampire red ones from this page. My eyesight is REALLY bad, so I got prescription ones. Not all the lenses they offer are available in prescription, but many are. The reason I chose CosplayLab over the others is because of how easy it was to order from them – I just sent them a scan (or photo, I forget) of the prescription I got from my eye doctor at the time, and they sent me the contacts. The prices are also really cheap, and my contacts have lasted me years. I intend to order from them again in the future.

3. Cosplay Eyes

Cosplay Eyes is a Japanese seller of theatrical contact lenses, but they have parts of their site in English and they ship to all over the world. They offer many different colours, styles, and have prescription lenses. You can also find the very popular circle lenses (“big eye lenses”) in their web based shop. I haven’t ordered from them yet, but next time I need cosplay lenses I’m probably going to give them a try. I’ve heard lots of good things, and their lenses are just really cool!

4. ContactLenses.co.uk

If you live in the UK like I do, it might be worth it to order your contacts from a UK based seller like the one mentioned above. ContactLenses.co.uk is where I get my regular coloured prescription lenses, but they also carry the WildEyes brand by CibaVision.

There are many more places out there that sell lenses, these are just the ones I’ve seen and liked. Remember, no matter where you decide to order from, Google is your friend: use it to find reviews of stores you’re thinking about ordering from to help you decide which place is right for you!

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