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by Orpheus on May 9, 2012

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It’s well-known that color choosing is crucial for art painting. The right hues will make a picture feast people’s eyes. But the wrong colors will cause a painting seem disharmonious. Likewise, colors for cosplay makeup are as important as hues for a painting. How to express yourself well on a costume play? Below, you will be introduced with some tips about making up for cosplay.

Tip 1: hues for a cosplay makeup should be identical with the cosplayer’s innate temperament.

Different people feature diverse qualities. Some people seem cute. But some people seem elegant and graceful. Some people look great with rich and gaudy colors. In this case, cosplayers seeming cute always choose warm toned colors while making up. Heavy colors will be no-no for them. If you always impress people by a gorgeous appearance, rose or purple red colors will better fit you. Aside from this, colors with strong contrast cannot be used on the eye shadow. For example, chocolate and dark grey are better choices for you. At last, strongly contrastive colors can be selected by girls who are fond of seductively charming clothing styles. This time, dark green or dark blue can be used to emphasize the makeup on eyes.

Tip 2: hues for a cosplay makeup should be harmonious with the cosplayer’s age.

For example, a young girl always looks great in light colors. Pink or pink orange lipstick is a great choice. Little older girls can choose darker or more vivid colors because these colors will be striking. What’s more, girls will seem more mature in this way.

Tip 3: hues for a cosplay makeup should look great with the cosplayer’s complexion. Here, three aspects are included.

First of all, choose the foundation make-up. If you want to try a certain foundation make-up, daub a little on the place between the lower jaw and neck. A color that’s the totally same or a little lighter than your skin tone should be chosen. Too white or too dim colors should be avoided. At last, colors that feature obvious color difference with your complexion won’t spice up your look1

Second, choose the blusher. For people with white complexion, they can choose the pink series. But people with darker skin tones should choose chocolate series. In this case, their complexion is always made to seem much healthier. Aside from this, blusher with silver light can be used to highlight the forehead.

At last, choose the lipstick. Light colored lipstick with silver light can make the mouth seem much larger. While matching the lipstick with complexion, people with dark skin tones cannot use light or silver colored lipstick. This is because light-colored lipstick will create a vivid contrast with the complexion and make the complexion seem rather dim. Then, people with whiter complexion are much luckier. They can use almost any color. In most cases, people with darker skin tones will be more cautious about choosing the color of lipstick. They won’t choose yellow, pink, silver, light green or light grey lipstick. On the contrary, dull red and chocolate colored lipstick is the most popular choice among them. The complexion is made to seem white and harmonious!

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