Dragon Con 2015 Photos

by Orpheus on March 25, 2016


I have been super busy with moving this year and realized I never got a chance to add my photos from this years Dragon Con. So here they are on Flickr and Facebook for your viewing and tagging pleasure.

Of course we will be at Dragon Con again this year and keep your eye on the blog for new announcements!

Team VC

In this video, I review and explain how to use Alumilite Amazing Mold Putty Kit – a putty used to make jewelry casting molds, used often for making small props in cosplay.

If you’re like me, you probably want to cram as many costumes into a convention weekend as possible. Or maybe, you don’t make that many costumes, but still have trouble keeping track of what cosplay tasks you’ve finished and what you still have to do. For most of my costuming career, I’d usually scribble my cosplay to-do lists on random pieces of paper. Then I still have a hard time remembering all the pieces of my costumes when I go to pack! How much does it suck to get to the con, only to realize you forgot the gloves for your Harley Quinn costume so you have to wear white ones instead (true story)? Fear not!

This cosplay planning app makes keeping track of your costumes easier than ever
I recently discovered this app Cosplanner; and I’m kind of in love! Available on both Apple and Android devices, Cosplanner lets you put all your cosplay plans in one place – what costumes you want to make, what pieces you want to buy, what pieces you want to make, estimated costs, and even has room for reference photos!

Cosplanner app review on VentureCosplay.com
The main screen allows you to add and view all the costumes you have planned. Here are four costumes I have planned for the upcoming convention season.

On each costume page, there’s room to list the components you have to buy and what you want to make. For example, I have the listing I made for my partially complete B’Elanna Torres above. Next to the little suit icon is a person icon, and clicking it will allow you to add reference photos (below).

Cosplanner App review on VentureCosplay.com
Pretty awesome! This app has made it SO much easier not only to keep track of what I’m working on, but what I need to buy to finish my costumes.

Don’t have a smartphone? Prefer to write your ideas on pen and paper, or keep your cosplay plans in a binder? Check out cosplayer Cicia’s Cosplay Printables, which are super similar to cosplanner – but you can print them out!


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